The Dish about the Fix

I’ve been using Stitch Fix for about a year now, so when I got my box today I decided a review would be in order. Stitch Fix is a mail service clothing store. When your first sign up you answer several questions including your measurements and your style. Then you’re matched with a stylists who sends you five pieces, from shoes to jewelry and all types of clothes in between. There are some definite pluses, but a few drawbacks. See below for the full list.


1.       You get to try unique styles. I’m 5’4’’ and was without a doubt, hell-bent on the idea that I could never pull off a maxi dress. Then one showed up in my box earlier this summer and I fell in love. It fit to perfection, was comfy and complemented my figure well. It quickly became one of my favorite go-to summer dresses. It’s nothing I would have tried on by myself and I never would have picked it out at a store, but the fact that it came to my door and I was able to try it on at my leisure made me confident to try out the new style.

2.       You get to create your own “brand.” I’ve gotten more complements on my Stich Fix wardrobe pieces than anything else in my closet. In fact, most of my staple pieces have come from Stich Fix. Of those, there are a handful that no matter where I wear them I always get complemented at least once. I wouldn’t describe myself as a fashionista – but after being showered in so many compliments, it’s nice to feel like I have my own, unique style.

3.       Speaking of style, you’re able to customize and change based on your preference. After you get each box, you go online to check out. You can return anything you didn’t want or keep what you like. The best part is you can explain what you did and didn’t like about something. Skirt too short? Neckline just right? Price too high? You can tell it all to you stylist to ensure your fix is better the next time.  

4.       It’s easy! The box comes right to your door. You can try on each piece in the comfort of your own home and at your ease. And you can compare what you already have in your closet to see if pieces will match. You have three days to decide if you want to keep each piece or not. Returns are simple with prepaid USPS shipping.  


1.       You might not always get what you need. This summer I had a wedding and my box was set to arrive days before. I asked my stylists to send some dresses. Unfortunately, I didn’t fall in love with any of them and ended up sending them all back. Then I had to head to the mall and make the track through store after store until I found something that worked. You will get things that work perfectly and are just what you wanted, but you if you have an event coming up, don’t hold your breath for that little box.

2.       Be budget savvy. You can choose how often Stich Fix mails you. (I have a box sent every other month.) You can also set price ranges and tell your stylists how much you like spending on each thing. However, the prices come on a separate sheet of paper, not on the items themselves. Without fail, every time, I get so excited about my box I rip it open, try on the pieces, fall in love, then pull up the dreaded price sheet. Sometimes I’ve been pleasantly surprised, but other times…not so much. And there is a hard temptation of not wanting to return a piece you love when it’s already hanging in your closet.

3.       You can fall into a rut. If you go to your favorite coffee shop and order a latte every time, your barista is going to start making your latte when you walk through the door. The same can apply here. I got to my fourth box with a flowy three-quarter sleeve blouse when I realized I already had three just like it in different colors already hanging in my closet. It makes sense, I liked them and kept buying them, but part of my inspiration with using Stitch Fix was to go outside my comfort zone. I had to make a note to my stylists that while, yes, I love this style, I’d like to try something new.

Bottom line, even if you’re not really into fashion, Stich Fix helps you try bold new looks with ease. You don’t have to spend hours looking through magazines (or Pinterest) and shopping to find a look that’s great for you. I would highly recommend trying it out. It’s a great way to step into something new.

And if you love it (or don’t) let us know what you think. I’d love to hear from you! 

Mrs. Obama vs. the Runway

Who Wore It Better....Michelle Obama usually known for sporting up and coming designers, has finallys stepped out in Alessandro Michele, for-Gucci for the 1st time and boy did she kill it.

FLOTUS is seen below wearing the designers, distinctive map dress from the spring 2016 collection on the Ellen show (airing Today, Tuesday, September 13th) ...if you ask us, Mrs. FLOTUS just put that dress on "the map."

Mrs. Obama vs. the Runway?

New Online Vintage Store is Here

ATTENTION VINTAGE LOVERS your go to online vintage store is here. So proud to announce the launching of @instantvintage78 new online store 

This powerful duo @staciedionne99 @sambinachristina are vintage souls and genuine lovers of vintage fashion and each piece on their website reflects exactly that. Vintage has never been presented in such a clean crisp and clever way! Look forward to hearing their story in a personal one on one interview with me coming soon! 🐝


The Consignment Craze

As wedding season neared the end I was getting tired of my same old standard dresses that kept popping up in all my photos. But I still had another handful to go. So I decided to head to one of the many consignment shops in my downtown neighborhood. As I browsed through the shops I thought, what is it that makes consignment such a growing trend?

There are the standard appeals of a boutique with clothes handpicked to ensure quality. Almost like there’s a prescreening process. And there’s also the idea of a more reasonable price tag.

But I don’t think either of those are the main appeal.

The real charm of consignment is the chance to find that hidden gem. Who doesn’t like a story of reclaimed treasure? The idea of walking in and finding that designer, couture dress?

Dream come true.   

Now, that won’t happen every time. But shopping is supposed to be fun, not utilitarian. There is an excitement of not quite knowing what you’ll walk into. And maybe finding that dream statement piece. A diamond in the rough.

There’s a reason Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with photos of refurbished furniture and redesigned homes. There is a talent to having an eye for what something could be and not just what it is. In our world we need a little mystery and excitement.

We need a little boutiqued charm.

So next time that money’s burning a hole in your pocket check out your local consignment shop. And write to us about your experience. I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Woosh - In Review

Looking for a mineral makeup that’s fast and easy? Oh, yeah and has long wear stay and looks great without looking cakey? Dream On.

That’s what I thought. And then my friend recommended I try Whoosh Fold-out Face. For those of you who don’t know. It’s a one-step system designed by two women who wanted to make makeup easier. The Fold-Out Face has it all, from eyeshadow and liner to concealer and highlights to total coverage. It comes in one handheld piece that folds up easily and fits in your purse.

Now, full disclosure. I wanted to love this product. I travel – a lot. And between 4 AM flights and late night events I need a full coverage makeup supply. So the idea of having that all in one piece that fits easily in my computer bag was tempting.

But, I can’t be swayed with just a pretty face product. It has to make my face pretty. So I put it to the test.

First thing I loved is the step by step guide. Now, you may be a makeup expert. I’m not. This tells you the best brushes to use for which products and provides simple instructions for the best results. It even gives variations for glamour, casual or trendy.

The next thing I noticed was the speed. I don’t like to take a long time with my makeup, but time always gets away from me while I’m applying the bronzers, blushes and such. With this piece I couldn’t believe how fast application was. Since it’s all together, you fold out the face, brush a little here, apply a little there and wa-la done.

Now, the real test for me though, the reason I’m writing this review is the stay power. Most makeup does generally look good when you first apply. Otherwise, you wouldn’t leave the bathroom. But, the real test is if that look lasts.

I have naturally oily skin, prone to shin. I tried this baby the day I moved. And I mean packing up boxes, hauling furniture and deep cleaning the fridge. And the makeup held. I was almost sad to shower and wash it off. Almost.

So, this little wonder won my heart. Anything that can stand up to 8 hours of heavy labor and still make it look like I have a slight, rosy glow has my recommendation.  

Do yourself a favor and try it for yourself. Then let us know what you think. 

Why We LOVE "MAC."

Mac has just announced that they will be collaborating with "Ms. Cookie Baby" (Taraji P. Henson) for their upcoming September collection. Which made me think...dayum...they just gave me one more reason to head back to the counter. And one more reason why I love this beauty empire made up of merely 3 letters.

From day one MAC has been consistent with one thing, diversity! Honestly, ask yourself, is there a color they you were looking for and couldn’t find at "MAC Cosmetics" and do you doubt that they will come up with a color you have never seen?

Their color textiles, combinations, swatches are endless just like their collaborations! You can walk up to the MAC counter one day and find that they have collaborated with "Hello Kitty" and the next “Badgalriri” (a.k.a. Rihanna) the next.

But that is the beauty of the MAC Dynasty it leaves no stone unturned and no one left out. This is the reason why I can be with anyone of my girlfriends, Asian, Caucasion, Hispanic, Indian...African American and suggest a fieldtrip to the MAC Counter and every last one will light up with excitement. All trying to remember what they need to get and what they can recycle to get there “free lipstick” because they know there will be one that they MUST HAVE.

Check out a sneak peek of what seems to be a nude infused collab with Ms. Henson and some of our favorite past collabs.

What was your favorite?

The Torch of the Kardashian-Jenner Dynasty just keeps burning…..

It seems these days we’re hearing less of the Kardashian name and more of the Jenner name as Kim and her other Kardashian sisters have seemed to have past the endless torch of “limelight” to their younger Jenner sisters and theses Jenner sisters aren't taking that responsibility lightly.  They have managed to not only take that torch, but have also seemed to hit the ground running with at lightning speed.

In this past year alone, we have seen the Jenner sisters take the fashion and beauty industry by storm.  Kendall, 20, has mastered the runway and the perfect angle of every photo shoot she graces, while her little sister Kylie, 19, has seemed to brand herself with her once “questionable pouty lip” as the new raining lip queen with her Kylie lip kits selling out within minutes of every release.

Still not buying into the craze? Well between the two sisters they have managed to land the cover of Vogue’s all-powerful September issue shot by the world’s premier photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, been paid millions from modeling, social media and TV shows and have earned well over $18 million from merchandise sales.  Not to mention as far as social media goes the two sisters have well over 130 million Instagram followers between the two of them to date.

 You buying yet? We’ll wait!

Let us remind you, these young ladies have yet to celebrate their 21st birthday! 

I think it’s safe to say these sisters have what it takes to carry this torch farther than it’s ever been……

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